Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 0.7.6

Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 0.7.6


Hi folks.


What's new in this version (0.7.6):

  • New: We’re changing the way you browse artists. Play top tracks, find related artists and read artist biographies. Coming soon to your iPhone.
  • New: Now you can view and organise your Play Queue from the Now Playing screen. Available real soon.
  • Fixed: We’ve said goodbye to some more naughty bugs.
  • Fictitious: This app is learning to knit.

Important to note

  • iOS 7 is still very fresh, so please be sure to mention your iOS version if you report an issue or have questions
  • Also, when reporting issues, always mention what version of the Spotify app you're using
  • Apple now supports users whose devices run older versions of iOS, and thus can't update their apps to the latest version.
    Engadget has a good article about what it is and how it works.
    Basically, regardless of your iOS device and version, you can go to Apple's app store and press "update." The app store will then automatically detect the latest, compatible version of that specific app, for your specific device.
  • If you're still having issues using your car stereo with Spotify, please come here and provide us more information
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One big bug that I found when using it on my Bluetooth stereo is that the pull up menu (the control center), the mini player does not respond with Spotify. It will not change the song and it wont pause the song. Only the volume feature works. When the phone is locked, the same thing happens when you pull up the control center. If you double tap the home button and the mini player opens, the same thing happens, the change track buttons do not work and the pause/play button does not function.


Spotify need to update the software to fix this because I thought it was my phone's fault.


Things I tried to resolve the issue but not sucessful:

- Restart my device

- Delete and reinstall Spotify


- iPhone 5

- iOS 7

- Spotify v. 7.6.37


We just released version 0.8.0, have a look!

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