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Is anyone else experiencing extreme battery drain while using 1.0.0? My girlfriend and I both are experiencing this with iPhone 5s (Verizon) on iOS 7.1 and it was not an issue prior to the update.


I also notice a lot of hangs and freezing when going in between menus or "x"-ing out of the artwork view especially.

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Change your hideous iPhone app back to the way it was before April 2014 or I will cancel my premium membership. The new user interface looks absolutely horrible. Albums play on shuffle, even when it is not selected. Songs take 15-20 seconds to load and skip/stutter. I have blazing fast internet and never had these issues before this newest update. $9.99 a month plus tax for this garbage? This is absolutely ridiculous. You NEED to listen to your customers. You people should have given us the option to choose a change this radical instead of forcing it upon us. I will be moving on to Beats Music or Rdio instead of your service. Don't be the next Netflix. Do the right thing!!!

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Personally I like the new design very much. The Shuffle button could be a bit smaller but I prefer it to the way it was. What I don't like is how the song title/artist title scrolls back and forth. A standard marquee scroll would be so much better. As mucn as I appreciate the new look I am having some serious performance issues as I type this. Namely songs just wont play in artist shuffle. A couple of songs played just fine until I  skipped on and after that I've had to manually start each song by moving the time counter up or clicking on pause then play again. There have also been several occassions when a song would not play until a few seconds after I've pushed the play button, and this is irritating. I think Ii've seen that issue brought up in previous posts so I can only assume that a fix is in the works. 


I have no plans to cancel my subscription and from my experience I've noticed that things do get fixed, it sometimes requires a little patience. 

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I see all this negativity, and I just want to say I actually like the app right now. Aside from my small suggestion, it works fine for me.

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I like the dark look.  My issue is why is there no My Music section for iOS?   My Android and my Laptop both have the new section. I want to switch over and start using it instead of Starred but when i go to my ipod it only has starred.    Wtf spotify?   Your making me insane.

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@gtphilup - It is definitely available on iOS. Are you using the most recent version of the app (which requires iOS 6 or above)?

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It just showed up. I didn't have to update but suddenly there's a My Music section. Yay!   Now just fix the constant crashing.

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I too had issues with the latest update (which for some reason Spotify aren't listing in the updates section, it still shows 0.9.3)
I have no issues with the PC based version

The first issue was the constant Bluetooth connection loss
I thought it might have been the iPhone 3GS itself, but I have confirmed it is not as it works perfectly well with any other application
This has slowly resolved itself and only loss connection twice now

The next issue was the very slow response
Intially this was horrendous, pressing Track Forward (Bluetooth) and I had to wait nearly two minutes before there was a response
In that time the next track may have already have started
A consequence of this was Bluetooth loss!

I then noticed from the Playlists that I have that this issue started every time a specific Local File was played
So I went back to my PC and deleted this from the Local Files from the two Playlists
The Playlists on my iPhone then updated
After this I then retested in my car and the issue was resolved

I then went back and placed the Local File back into these two Playlists
I don't lose Bluetooth connection any more and Track Forward is responsive again

However, as soon as this Local File is encountered the text display on the Bluetooth display does not show, it continues to show the previously played track
When the next track commences or Track Forward is used it is back to normal
ie, what is displayed on the iPhone does not match the Bluetooth connection

Any ideas?

Local File :
Believe by DJ Quicksilver
Other files from this same album are loaded as Local Files and play without any issue

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Still no update for the ipad?


My desktop and android phone has the new look + the new section "my music"


But on my ipad , still nothing (although it updated the app)

Re: Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 0.9.3

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Hi everyone. We just released version 1.1.0. You can find release notes and give us your feedback in this topic.

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