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Has anyone noticed this bug:


If I search for a specific song, it will come back with "See All Songs".  The I get a screen with a "Most Relevant" section and an "All Songs" section.  When I tap on a song in the latter section, it does not play the song i selected, but plays a completely different song from the former section.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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"New: You can now view and control your Play Queue (iPhone)"


How do you control the play queue? I can view it, but can't see how to "control" it (where, by "control" I mean dragging songs within the queue to reorder them).

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Unfortunately you can't really do too much with the iPhone Play Queue.  


If you select an album to play, you can see the tracks in the queue but cannot change their order.  After you select that album, if you queue additional tracks, you can move the order of only the additional ones you added.


Would LOVE for Spotify to comment on the usefulness of their new iPhone play queue function.  It's nice to see, but not very functional at this point.  Maybe that will change in the future...


Thanks, Phil



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I have to say, well done spotify. Some actually very useful features there. 


- duplicate track warning is perfect

- filter by avail. offline is nice touch

- i can now see the queue!! wooooooW long wait

- sorts are good addtion but need bolstering to make useful

- it does seem quicker in fairness. 


So, kudos to you guys for rolling out positive changes. Thank you.


But, and this is a big but... 


- features should be generically rolled across platforms. The duplicate warning should be in the desktop app and android at the same time. its doesnt make sense, too many people having different experiences. i have an iphone, andorid tab and desktop and each one is different... i also have the virgin tivo app but that is just useless.

- i still would like to add items quickly to my 'starred' playlist, it isnt the same as 'saving'... it just isnt.

- the old double tap feature needs to return, really handy to quickly access menu.

- queue editing is lacking basics like, reorder and remove, only thing we can do is skip.

- all the buttons are too small these days, the + icon and filter buttons, sort buttons, etc. they are just so fiddly if your trying to use it on the move i.e. at traffic lights, laybys, waiting for a bus.


anyway, thanks for making some immediate improvements, I was close to leaving recently and it is good to see some positive moves to get spotify back to its former user friendly self. 

Vote for these... go on... you never know someone may be using the Kudos somewhere 🙂

Add a Queue Button Next to the Play Button

Virgin Media Tivo Update

Album Art – Tap for Menu

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I couldn't find a way to control the play queue either. This is the one feature I really am missing in the Spotify app.

For now I am testing out the SpotQueue app which allows you to log in to your Spotify account and view AND edit your play queue.  Check it out.

I would think if someone else can do it so can Spotify, but still waiting.

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I dropped into this community board after searching for why the heck there is a fictitious feature on the app upgrade. Hello everyone.

I've not been that impressed with Spotify after a couple of weeks. I've had requests to do two app upgrades and, given that they are rolling out so quickly you think you're in a position to put in "funny" fictitious features? I don't think so.

Reading through this discussion makes me think that many of the folk who use the app enthusiastically aren't that impressed with it either.

It probably won't be long before this one gets uninstalled I suspect.

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Nope but since you mention search, I have the following bug: try to play specific song from search results directly (not via showing its album etc) --> app "crashes" (well actually it minimizes and the process probably gets suspended but not killed). Happens every time in any search result. (iphone4-32 / ios 6.1 / spotify

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Same issue after update


Ios 6.1


Iphone 4 -32G

Jbroken = Yes

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Still waiting...

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I am still waiting for being able to sort my playlists A-Z I know I got told this was being rolled out BUT IT HAS BEEN NEARLY 2 weeks.


I pay £9.99 a month and other people who pay the same are getting better features? Can someone from Spotify comment on how this is fair? Or when I am likely to be able to get this feature? App is updated to the latest version