Remote volume controle - spotify connect - let's get this solved!

Remote volume controle - spotify connect - let's get this solved!

How can this still not be solved..?!

Play/paus/skip track flows like a charm between various devices regardless of make.

Volume controle on remote device is appearently impossible to solve, and nowere is good information on why to be found.

It takes more to get us impressed..

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Thanks for reaching out to the Community, @alfrond!


What exactly is your question or issue relating to remote volume control?  I would like to try to help and I am sure others in the Community would as well, but it is not clear what you are trying to fix.



?? What exactly is your question?

As stated I cannot controle volume on another device through Spotify Connect.

Theres no volume bar on my mobile devices and the volume bar is greyed out on my laptop when playing on other devices.

According to other threads it seems this issue has been around for ages..

Hey @alfrond.


Thanks for getting back to us - apologies for the wait!


Could you let us know which devices you are streaming from/to via Connect?


We'll be looking out for your reply 🙂

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