Remove Spotify Connect Devices


Remove Spotify Connect Devices




I have a spotify connect speaker device at both Home and Work, i have found out that i can control the speaker at work even when im not on the same wifi due to it being conencted to the internet. Is there anyway to prevent his speaker coming up in my connect devices as i dont wish to accidently click it and have some possibly unsuitbale music play from it at work when i intended for it to come on at home. 



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Re: Remove Spotify Connect Devices

Casual Listener

Yes, this is a really annoying issue.  There doesn't seem to be any way to remove devices from the list.  I used Spotify connect at my friend's house and now his speaker is always there in my list and sometimes I accidentally start playing music on his speaker.  There are multiple threads on this - please fix it, Spotify!


Re: Remove Spotify Connect Devices


Yeah, I used Spotify Connect on a friend's av-receiver within his wifi, since then I have the receiver in my connect list and I accidentally played music to the device on multiple occasions.


This is annoying as hell and Spotify seems to don't care at all about that issue. That's not acceptable for a paying customer.


The logout-from-all-devices function on the website did nothing at all in this case.