Repeat Enabled Automatically When Connected to Car

Repeat Enabled Automatically When Connected to Car




iPhone 7, always latest version of iOS and Spotify

Operating System

iOS 10


This is an issue that was discussed for months, and finally solved back in April. But it seems with the latest update, it's back, and it's driving me nuts even more this time around. Here's the old thread, which is now closed.


When my phone connects to my car, via Bluetooth or AUX, repeat is enabled automatically, the second the connection is made. This happens every single time, without fail. I don't ever want repeat enabled, so this is a major nuisance for me. Once it's enabled on my phone, it caries through to other devices.


I've gone through several rounds of troubleshooting over the months via this community, direct support, and Twitter support. It is not an issue with my device or my vehicle, it is a software issue. It was resolved for a while, and now it's back.


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I’m having the exact same problem and it’s infuriating. 


Same here. So frustrating.


Same problem for me, sorted the issue earlier this year & now it’s happening again! Really annoying!!


I'm having the same issue and it's driving me mad. (haaa)


Have you found a fix?


bump bump bumpppp


this issue has been affecting me for quite some time now, and its SO EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I get caught in loops all the time, when I play a playlist in the car. 


please help


Have the same problem in my car. All playlists automatically switch to loop if my iPhone 7 (latest ios) is connected to the car (Golf 7, 1gen Composition Media).

It is really annoying 😑


Spotify! Do anything!


Edit: What cars do you have?



It comes with all cars I have connected. Volkswagen, Ford, Audi.


Well, then I think spotify need my money anymore.


Apple Music is also nice 🤷‍♂️

I think Spotify might consider this a feature; it is not! I have Autoplay disabled, so it should just stop when an album is done.

Please fix.

So Spotify is just going to ignore all of us having this issue? Is that how you treat "Premium" users?


Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out.


Apologies for the delayed response, we just came across this thread. We'd appreciate it if everyone experiencing this shares the make, model, OS version and exact Spotify version on the device they're using. Make sure to also include the connection method you're using in your car. 


Keep us posted. We’ll keep an eye out for your reply.

Mihail Moderator
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Hi! This is still happening. I'm on an iPhone XS on iOS 13.5, but have
experienced this since at least iOS 12. The issue has been persistent
across ALL Spotify versions (I am currently up to date). I connect to
Microsoft Sync, in my car.


Maybe this is the first time you've heard of it, but it's been brought up with support on multiple occasions spanning 2.5 years.


I've had 3 different iPhones in that time and the issue persists. Currently have a 12 Pro. It was fixed for a short time, but reverted back. As the original post states, it happens with any connection to a car.


Hey folks,


Thanks for keeping in touch and for the extra info.


We've passed it along to the right teams, who are currently investigating this.


We'll let you know as soon as there's an update.


Sorry for any inconvenience.

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This is absolutely ridiculous. It's been 3 years since this thread has been posted and still no fix? Maybe it's time I cancel my premium family account and switch to Apple Music...


I have a Mazda 3 with CarPlay (but it also does this with the cars at work, all Ford Fusions or Escapes), iOS 15, Spotify This happens with both wired and wireless CarPlay as well as Bluetooth.


Hey @Mautty,

Thanks for reaching out on the Community!

The right teams are already alerted about this situation and are investigating the matter. We'll give an update as soon as we have more info.


In the meantime, we believe that currently there's a newer version of the Spotify app for iOS (8.6.66) available, so could you share if the experience occurs again after updating your devices to the latest version? Our advice is to always keep your apps to the latest versions available, so you will not miss on any fixes that might be pushed.

Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

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Mustang and connect with ford sync over Bluetooth, and repeat mode is forced on. I cannot turn it off. Even if I turn off car mode and turn off repeat manually, it turns itself on when the song ends and replays the exact same song over and over and over again. This needs a fix. 


Hey folks,


Thanks for the replies and reporting this behavior to us.


We've let the right teams now, however we can't set an exact timeframe for a fix, as this seems to be largely due to the way specific iOS versions and devices are configurated to interact with the app's apk when connected to a car. We'll make sure to keep you updated here as soon as we have any updates on the matter.


Take care!

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I also have this issue, repeat always turns itself on, 2012 Navigator Lincoln/Ford sync, iOS 15.2 and issue was on my iPhone 8 Plus and 13 pro max, I think it is related to Spotify having 3 repeat options and sync only having 2. Hopefully that helps 

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