Repeat Enabled Automatically When Connected to Car

Repeat Enabled Automatically When Connected to Car



iPhone 7, always latest version of iOS and Spotify

Operating System

iOS 10


This is an issue that was discussed for months, and finally solved back in April. But it seems with the latest update, it's back, and it's driving me nuts even more this time around. Here's the old thread, which is now closed.


When my phone connects to my car, via Bluetooth or AUX, repeat is enabled automatically, the second the connection is made. This happens every single time, without fail. I don't ever want repeat enabled, so this is a major nuisance for me. Once it's enabled on my phone, it caries through to other devices.


I've gone through several rounds of troubleshooting over the months via this community, direct support, and Twitter support. It is not an issue with my device or my vehicle, it is a software issue. It was resolved for a while, and now it's back.


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Have Spotify a fix for this issue? My partner has the same issue in her car when connected via aux.

Hey there! Ford Sync with wired connection to my iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 15.4.1 - having the same issue. Right after connecting the loop function gets enabled and stays enabled even after disconnecting the phone. If you forget to check when you start a radio play when going to sleep, you'll be waken up in the middle of the night realising it is still playing. Very annoying.

I’m having a similar issues. The same songs play over and over on my playlist unless I turn this feature off. It’s really annoying and planning to go look at different options since this hasn’t been addressed in an appropriate timeframe.

IPHONE XR 15.4.1  spotify FOrd Sync -  same issue, im about to go crazy....

This is still happening for me. Any fix coming? Iphone 11 on iOS 15.6 with a Subaru 2016 WRX. 

2013 BMW Z4 sdrive28i with iphone 13mini (ios 15.4.1) spotify version

I have the same problem. No matter the phone vehicle nothing.  I’m currently a Premium user on iPhone 12 Pro Max running IOS 16.0.2

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