Running Mix BPM is Incorrect


Running Mix BPM is Incorrect


Recently I started running again, and love the Running Mix and ability to run with tempo matched songs. It helps a lot with setting my pace, and it's really a great feature.


I just wanted to point out a bug related to the song's actual tempo. I'm not sure how the algorithm works, but it's not selecting the actual BPM based on the proper count. 


For instance, the song Kicks by Lauren Aquilina appears in my Running Mix at a BPM of 180, but the song is actually 90 BPM. Most of the songs in my mixes have this issue, their BPM is half of what I've chosen to run along to. Alternatively, I found a playlist of songs at 180 BPM, so you can see what speed 180 actually is.


Since the feature tops out at 190 BPM, it would be nice to be able to have the correct BPM displayed (anywhere from 80 to 120 for most average users), with the ability to go up to 200+ BPM (at a correct count for when we're really pushing hard out there).