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Saving Album as a New Playlist - Naming?


Saving Album as a New Playlist - Naming?

In previous versions of Spotify on iOS, when I wanted to save an album as a new playlist, it would automatically name the playlist for me (Artist - Album Name).


However, in the newest version, it prompts me to name the new playlist myself...  This can be pretty difficult when a lot of artists have tricky spellings for their names and their album names.


I guess I'm a bit OCD when it comes to formatting/spelling, but having it auto-name the playlist when it was clearly a full album was super-useful and I'd love to have it back.




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Well, kudo's to Spotify, they have fixed this issue in the latest update for IOS 🙂 thanks!

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16 Replies

I encountered the same problem. Maybe the guys at Spotify could look into this and fix this bug in a future update?

Yes. this is incredibly frustrating - and this was working perfectly before when the playlist name was suggested and editable. Now my playlists all consist of badly spelled tracks and names since i tend to listen on the move and type everything with my phone-thumb

Please - kudos to this idea to bring it back !!!

I came here to report the same complaint. I used to be able to quickly save albums I was interested in listening to and then easily access them on the go. Please restore the prior functionality. Thanks.

Definitely hope this gets fixed soon, it's driving me crazy!

Agree completely!

Discovered this issue this week.  Really annoying as I was going to use it as an alternative to another issue I have, this being unable to access saved 'Albums' when in an area with no signal or in offline mode (it still tries to connect).


The app is now close to completely useless for me.  I'll give it a couple more weeks before cancelling the subscription and going to a competitor.

This issue is ruining my entire musical life.  Auto-namiing has been broken before, then fixed, and now broken again.  


When I tweeted @SpotifyCares about it, there response was "Are you saving an entirely album as a playlist? Does Saving that album to Your Music not work for you?"


Absolutely not! I never save full albums to 'your music.'  The star system was the old way to designate favorite tracks on an album. With the star system gone, the only way to designate my fav tracks on an album is to 'save' it to 'your music.'  If save a full album to 'your music' then there is no easy way to designate my fav tracks.  If I were to save full albums to 'your music,' then 'your music' would become a meaningless mess.  


If the star system is gone forever, and if I have to rely on 'your music' to 'save' my fav tracks, then the auto-naming of single album playlists is extremely important.

What i don`t understand is why they removed this functionality when it obvioulsy worked well?

Please, re-add it in your next app update.

Well this is typical for Spotify... Add one thing, remove two others...


Example: Album separators! They appeared, great feature! Now they've gone again!


This problem with the playlist naming seems to get fixed after a few versions and then disappear again. It's truely strange... And it really gets on my nerves.


Spotify has no consistency when it comes to their software. Their service itself is the best of all and also their server structure is fast and reliable compared to others. The frontend is just plain rubbish.

Marked as solution

Well, kudo's to Spotify, they have fixed this issue in the latest update for IOS 🙂 thanks!

Indeed - thanks a ton for listening and taking action on this, Spotify!  

Agreed! Spotify gets bashed a ton in these forums. This fix is a giant improvement to my experience. Thanks!

This is not working in Android now. Please fix!

This is still an issue with the Adroid App ... The auto-naming function for Album playlists worked so well in the past. I'm wondering why Spotify has removed it.

Now it's not working again so annoying!!! Please fix 

And now the next complaint: Still not fixed on android plus someone at Spotify decided to change naming om PC as well. Used to be Artist - title. Now it's reversed; Title - artist. Why? What's the point? Fix android naming and change back on PC! Please.

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