Saving Albums on Mobile


Saving Albums on Mobile


Using version on iOS. 


It doesn't appear (at least I don't know how) to have the option to save albums or tracks or artists. Is this a feature that is only going to be included in the desktop and/or web versions? Or, is it only enabled after you have the new desktop verrsion (which has not been rolled out to me yet)?


I've read several reviews but it seems there is a lack of specific infromation on which platform (web, desktop, mobile) application has which specific features. My guess is that is because most reviews are just going off of the fairly vague release info by Spotify and don't have actual copies of the updated applications themselves. 


Also, for anyone that does have the new "Your Music" section with albums, etc., can you download albums for offline use on mobile (premium subscription)?



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Re: Saving Albums on Mobile


Can't download them either, unless I create a playlist with them. This is a shame, since I rather like to organize my music collection like a CD shelf, which includes being able to download entire albums without creating a (now relatively worthless) playlist.


I hope, Spotify will soon add a Download-feature to the album view.




Re: Saving Albums on Mobile

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Can you not download an album if you add it to Your Music then sync it to be Available Offline?

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