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Search Downloaded Songs Offline & Filtering Playlists

Search Downloaded Songs Offline & Filtering Playlists

I’m a premium account holder who typically uses the Spotify app on an iOS, and I’ve noticed two major features that seem to have been taken away:

  • Search Downloaded Songs Offline: when you search for an artist or song in offline mode, you would get the first 4 results, then would get the option to load more. We no longer get anything but those initial results. 
  • Filtering Playlist: when you used to filter a playlist, it would continue to play songs from that filter until you closed out of it. It no longer does this, and instead closes out of the filter as soon as you select a song. 

Is there any way to bring these features back?

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Agree - something is broken with searching for songs offline.  I'm only seeing four results and they also don't play one after another in a virtual playlist as they used to.  This functionality change has been like this for a good few versions of the iOS app now.

Not sure if they've changed it to entice you stay connected as much as possible or whether this an unintended bug due to some other functionality introduced.

It's not going to make me cancel my premium account, but it seems to be typical behavior from Spotify.  Do they not QC apps updates? If intentional that they are changing functionality then this should be in the app release notes on the App Store.

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