Search time for albums by artist SLOW!

Search time for albums by artist SLOW!

On the iPhone version of Spotify, has anyone else noticed that when you go to ["Search" -> "Artist" -> select artist to search by albums] that it loads super slow?


I've tested it on 3G and Wi-Fi and it still occurs. Also deleted and reinstalled the app from my phone. Sometimes it won't bring up albums at all unless I hit the "Back" button at the top left and then it'll quickly show the albums before it goes back to the artist search. Then when I tap the artist again it will show the albums.


I hope that explanation makes sense, but I'm curious to see if other people have run into this problem.


Thanks in advance, I'm excited about this music lovers community!

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Hmm, it shouldn't be going that slowly at all. Things should be back to normal now, however. Let us know if you still get this at all, though.

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Same thing happens to me. How can I fix it? Same phone.

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