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Searching for Songs on Mobile App

Searching for Songs on Mobile App

I seem to be having difficulty with the spotify app on my iPhone. To my understanding, you can add songs to your playlists with the mobile app, virtually having the spotify stream on your phone, with the upgrade of spotify premium. When i search for songs on the search tab of the mobile app, it just keep the same screen of "Search for Music. You can enter tracks, albums or artists in the search field." even after i entered a song in the field and pressed search. Please let me know what i'm either doing wrong or don't understand.

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Hmm, I just gave it a go and searching seems to be okay at the moment. If you're still experiencing problems, try shutting the app by doing the following -

* When in the application, Hold down the Power button until the "Slide to power off" option.
* Press and hold the Home button. This will close the app down.
* Try opening it again, and using the search function now.
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