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Service is spotty and it's NOT my provider

Service is spotty and it's NOT my provider

For the past 4 or 5 days streaming on my iPhone has been super spotty.  For the first few days it wouldn't even play a song, but now it pauses every 10-15 seconds and/or just doesn't play.


I haven't been anywhere and I get EXCELLENT service (always have all my bars) from Verizon.  I know this because I have never had a dropped call, the browser is still cruising at full speed, but Spotfiy is NOT WORKING.


What up with that?  Is it just me?!  I made a bold move and deleted all the mp3s off my iPhone and today I couldn't get it to play for 15 minutes as I drove all over a major metro area.

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Try the following -

* Turn off both Gapless playback and Crossfade tracks
* Try a different streaming quality.

That might get things up and running again.
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Why would I do that?  Those are two features that, IMO, should be standard for any music service.


I can roll around listening to YouTube for free, but I came to Spotify because the quality is nice.


And it worked great for my first two problems until about a few weeks back.

It still could be your provider too.....Run a speedtest on your phone ( when you are having the problem. A lot of providers bandwidth is being consumed by everyone with smartphones now..I have certain towers I hit where I have this problem and especially during the day near rush hour. In the morning it has no problem..... Plus since all these free users are now allowed to use it on the phones too thats even more congestion. BTW I have full bars (Verizon) and browser appears to run fine till I run a speed test and see there is barley any bandwidth available to me and certainly not enough to have a smooth radio stream.

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