Share and Play Group


Share and Play Group

Ipad / iphone ios

Was enjoying spotify until now

Want to share playlist with another spotify user. (Non facebook)
Search in 'friends' entering spotify user name......does not work
Inputting 'spotify:user:USERNAME' in general search brings up user but there is no way of adding to friends or share playlist.
No option to sms playlist
Email playlist only brings you to spotify web page where you cannot transfer playlist / spotify friend properly.

Really annoying, convoluted and, in my opinion a major UI fail.

Reading the forums I see this problem was discussed well into last year and still no solution.

Can only conclude we are being forced to become facebook users, unwillingly.

Any ideas.............anyone???
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Re: Share and Play Group

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Unfortunately not, non-Facebook sharing hasn't been possible in the mobile apps for some time sadly.

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