Shazam add to Spotify List greyed out


Shazam add to Spotify List greyed out

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Why does Shazam have a button to add a song to Spotify List if that option is always greyed  out? I have connected my Spotify account to my Shazam. 


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Thanks for that. 

What's odd is that I had someone in my office shazam a song at the same time I was doing it. He was able to add it to a Spotify playlist directly from the result screen whereas I couldn't. I then attempted the same song w/ my iPad and that didn't work. Tried if from my Apple Watch then opened my Shazams on my iPhone (after it sync'd) and was then able to add it to a Spotify playlist. Really weird. 

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Hey there @dancingcowboy,

thanks for posting !


Greyed out songs can sometimes mean they're unavailable in your country.

However, make sure to check out this help page on integrations between external apps and Spotify.


Let me know how it goes 😃

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Thanks for the reply, but I've already connected My Shazam to the premium
Spotify account.

I could see if it only happened now and then for it to be a geographic
limitation, but the grayed out situation happens about 90% of the time and
we are talking about US based artists and I'm in the US as well.

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Same exact thing is happening to me, too. It just started within the past couple of weeks. Spotify still displays but is grayed out for ever song that I’ve Shazam’d. My integration is fine - new Shazams automatically hit my Shazam Spotify list, so the connection works. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting Shazam, uninstalling & reinstalling Shazam and Spotify but nothing works. And the issue occurs on both my iPhone X and iPad Pro (both running the latest version of IOS)