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Show albums under "artists" tab?

Show albums under "artists" tab?

Hi just wondering if there is a way to set it up on iOS where I can see songs under each album they are on when clicking an artist under the "artist" tab in library. Now it's just a list of all songs, not broken up by album which is annoying. In order to play a certain album I have to click on "albums" in library to scroll through all albums. It just takes longer, I know it works the way I described in android just wish it worked in iOS too 😞
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Hey @user-removed, definitely agree it's a pain the way the songs are displayed under the Artist tab. My best suggestion is have a search through the Ideas board and see if you can give an upvote to the idea.

If you can't find one, feel free to raise it as a new suggestion (though I'm sure it'd have been suggested by now).

Let us know how you get on!

I completely agree. It is very difficult to find the album you want from an artist. If you have even 4 albums saved to your library, you must scroll through and keep reading the text under a song name. The song names are also 2x the font size and twice as bright as the album text. 


It is strange to me too considering the user experience is the opposite when you have an artist saved, but no songs from that artist saved (artists->albums->(shows albums with pictures)). This is the work flow I would exect. This work flow is annoying too because to view this, I cannot have the song saved to my library (just artist), and therefor must always be streaming my music. 

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