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Shuffle deactivates constantly and random songs redonwloading

Shuffle deactivates constantly and random songs redonwloading

Hey guys, I'm a premium user from Bolivia having trouble on mi iPhone 6 (latest firmware)


For a long time now I've been having issues with the shuffle feature, it used to just deactivate every couple of days, but lately it has been every time i close spotify. But the serious issue i've been having is that random songs are being redownloaded all the time. If this persists i think im going to cancel my subscription.




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This may seem dumb and obious and that you already tried it but when I run into problems like this I often delete the app and redownload it or sign out of your account and sign back in. Hope this was any help:)

i didn't want to do it because of the amount of music i have, but i guess i have no choice. will update when possible. Thanks!

UPDATE: I still have the same issues. i'm hating spotify

Every time you close spotify, the shuffle feature automatically switches off, just make sure you flick it back on again - easy peasy


As for the downloading, I've had the same issue before and but I really can't answer your question. However, I've found that often happens after I update a playlist and add new songs.

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