Shuffle play all downloaded songs


Shuffle play all downloaded songs


Plan: Premium

Country: USA


Device: iPhone 8

Operating System: iOS 12.3.2


My Question or Issue: 

Prior to the latest update, I could play or shuffle-play all downloaded songs. The new Liked Songs category does not have a filter for dowloaded songs only. Is this featured buried? Your interest in pushing podcasts is interfering with the usability of the app. 


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Re: Shuffle play all downloaded songs


So come on, Spotify. Let's have an answer. I just switched from Deezer (because there were some albums I couldn't get). In Deezer, it's one click for downloads, and another click to shuffle all tracks in all downloaded albums. Thats what I want. (It's like your personal radio station.) I'm about to switch back. This is a deal-breaker for me. The workarounds offerred are ridiculously tedious. If theres a Spotify tech reading this, please say if and when this will be implemented.

Re: Shuffle play all downloaded songs


After years with Spotify, I've now cancelled my subscription. They confirmed to me this is no longer an option. 


I don't know what was more annoying, the fact that they removed probably the most basic function that a music app should have, or if it was that they treated the request to put it back as being feedback, or a new idea.


The process they advise to simply 'shuffle all' is absolutely mind boggling. I'd suspect a large number of users do so via a mobile device. We simply want to open the app and hit shuffle and be done. LIKE WE USED TO. Why is there a need to add every single song or album into a playlist and then shuffle that? And they still won't answer why they removed it in the first place.


And then they come back at you with some scripted answer about the updates are designed to make the user experience better. 


Spotify, let me be clear. Removing the ability to shuffle all downloaded music, and then hiding behind 'it makes a good user experience' is downright insulting.


It's like removing a wheel from my car, and saying that it improves my experience.