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It appears that the software grabs a chunk of songs clustered around the first song up on your playlist and then randomly plays just that chunk - thus the repeating. Since the default first song that gets played is the last one added (assuming your list is sorted by most recent), then the group of songs it grabs are naturally going to be your latest additions. Therefore when I start the program, I’ll randomly pick a first song from somewhere else and let it go. After an hour or two, I’ll do it again. I suppose I am an integral part of their randomizing algorithm...

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So exactly when are yougoing to actually fix the shuffle feature for mobile phones????I saw Merideths post.I am on right now and it is still playing the same small group from my play list.When I skip to next it still comes back to SAME small group.Please fix this as it is very anoying.

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I don't fix it - I just posted the same question ages ago and other Spotify
users just add to the thread. Spotify haven't solved it yet.

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This is the most absurd non-feature possible. As stated above, randomly shuffling a list should be child’s play to a coder. 


To replecate this issue, I created a playlist with 3 albums. No matter what I do, it will lump all the songs from each album together. It never. Never. Ever. Randomly shuffles all the songs. 



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Why can't we make an option, it can be hidden, for a true random.

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Unbelievable that this function isn't working properly, I can't wrap my head around why such a basic thing is still broken!