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IMHO Spotify is a great offering to me.  However, not having shuffle working is driving me nuts in that I am continually stopping and starting my subscription due to it not working.  I go months without a subscription at times just waiting for these folks to fix, what I feel, is such a trivial problem.  Eventually something else will come along and I will just say good riddens to Spotify.   My subscription was just "paused" again and now I will wait another few months before trying it again.


This has been an ongoing issue since Spotify's inception.  What is the problem?


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They don't care, been going on for years and they do nothing.

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This has been a problem since the beginning. Starting to wonder if there's a money incentive behind this or if they truly don't care enough fix their algorithm. For the price millions of people are paying this would be a trivial fix. Shows their attitude and care for their customers....

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Today I noticed that if I add new songs to a playlist, then play it with “shuffle” off and then hit the shuffle button, it will start to play the first of the last songs I added.


Then, with shuffle on, it plays the following song, in the order I have added before. Eventually, when the new songs are over, it restarts to play the songs, apparently randomly.

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2019 and this ish still isn't fixed? If I add 60 songs from... let's say 40 artists, I don't want to hear the only 3 tracks I added by 'Artist 1' within 5 tracks of 'random' play. If I have a playlist with 5 genres, I don't want all the 'Genre 1' tracks to play in a row... Honestly, whatever the algorithm is, it is literally the opposite of random (get your thesaurus out and pick one...).

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Please add a random play mode.

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This is an utter joke and totally unacceptable. I'm a computer programmer and one of the simplest things you could do is write a *bleep*ing SHUFFLE routine that shuffles ALL the items in a list.


But don't just take my word for it. See for yourself. The following is an example in VB.NET code. I'm representing the N songs in a person's Library through a Dictionary with Integer keys - the <Song> is whatever Object Spotify use to represent each Song internally.

Dim dicSongs As Dictionary(Of Integer, <Song>) = New Dictionary(Of Integer, <Song>)

Simply populate that Dictionary with your list of songs, like 1 = Song 1, 2 = Song 2 etcetera ET-*bleep*in-CETERA..

And then...... blink and you'll miss it.... this shuffles the ENTIRE library.


        While dicSongs.Count > 0
            Dim sngItem As Single = VBMath.Rnd()
            sngItem = sngItem * CSng(dicSongs.Count)
            Dim intCurrent As Integer = Int(sngItem)
        End While

NINE lines of code is all it takes. Now tell me again why after 3 years Spotify STILL hasn't fixed this?

And rest assured that while I did this in VB.NET, doing this in ANY other programming language is not rocket science either.

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I would guess the programing is intentional, and has something to do with them making more money. (maybe paying less in royalties or something)

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More like five years

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The shuffle function on Spotify is abysmal. I get that, in all honesty, most people don't want "true" random because you might end up playing the same track twice etc. That's maths for you. However, I like to have large (several thousand track) genre playlists which I listen to on shuffle, removing tracks I dislike and adding others to more specialised ones. Increasingly I find that I end up hearing the same tracks over and over again: both ones that I have added to my favourites list (which, funnily enough, I can always put on if I want to hear) and more recently added tracks have a FAR higher chance of being played than others. Why is the algorithim determining the chance of a track coming on seemingly affected by the occurance of said track on other playlists? It has got to the point now where I can put on a list containing over 5000 tracks - of which I know maybe 10% - and regularly find myself having to skip multiple tracks in a row because I'm just hearing ones on my favourites.