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Siri will not play "Liked Songs" playlist

Siri will not play "Liked Songs" playlist







iPhone XS Max

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iOS 13


If siri for Spotify works at all ("Spotify doesn't support playing playlists" error, which is a lie), the one thing it refuses to do is play the "Liked Songs" playlist (says "I didn't find liked songs on Spotify"). Anyone else find a way to get that playlist to play? Why is Siri integration so flaky?


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Don’t actually say “play my liked songs” because Siri will actually find a song that has those words. Instead, tell her “hey Siri, play my songs on Spotify”, and she’ll play “Your Liked Songs” within a snap. If you were already listening to Spotify prior, she’ll just resume it. Hope this helps!

Unfortunately, this did not work. It started playing songs that were not on the liked list. Young the Giant songs, specifically, but not any of the few I have in my liked songs list. Any other ideas?

I had the same issue—I got "This is Andy Grammer" when I asked for my songs (?!)—but had more luck with "hey Siri, play the Liked Songs playlist on Spotify."

Had the same issue... I'm from Spain and I speak spanish. In english if I say "Hey Siri, play My Liked Song on Spotify" it's work! But not in spanish language....

Same here. Siri doesn't play my liked songs. I tried all above, but it didn't work.

Just figured it out! You have to say “hey Siri play my liked songs playlist on Spotify”. That’s does the trick.

In english works perfect! But not in spanish. In Spanish Your Likes Songs is "Canciones que te gustan".


I tried a lot of combinations with Siri, but it's impossible!

It would appear that in Spanish, Siri and Spotify does not recognize the Spanish of the phrase "Liked Songs". For some reason, Siri and Spotify will recognize "Liked Songs" even in Spanish.
Hence, the following commands will work:

** [Reproducir/Tocar] Liked Songs desde Spotify **

The pronunciation of "Liked" should sound like "lee-ked" (like a Spanish speaker) not "layk-d" in English. Stupid, I know! Hope this helps!

Thank you very much!!! It works!

Hope Spotify fix this in next releases. Thank you again 😉

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