Sister’s music scrobbling to my account


Sister’s music scrobbling to my account


Hey, so I share my spotify account with my sister, she uses it on her iphone and i use it on my laptop and iphone. Up until now I’ve had no trouble with scrobbles, my music scrobbles to my from both my laptop and my phone. However, this past week her listening has been scrobbling to my account even though isn’t enabled under her settings. This is really irritating because i keep having to manually delete all her scrobbles. Why is this happening?

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Re: Sister’s music scrobbling to my account

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hI @em-k and welcome to the Community! 🙂
I can understand that frustration and hopefully can help you remedy it.

Have you tried signing out of all devices on your account page and logging back in? Changing your Spotify password would be your next best option.

If that's not effective, I suggest you try resetting your Last.Fm password and re-connecting it with your Spotify account.

Good luck! 🙂