Skipping Songs, won't play or songs stopping after 10-12 seconds,


Skipping Songs, won't play or songs stopping after 10-12 seconds,

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iPhone Xr

Operating System

(iOS 14.1)


My Question or Issue

Since a couple of weeks I experience the following issues:

- Songs skipping automaticaly. 
One song will play for 1 second or less and then skipps on to the next song. This won't stop until I colse the app.

- Songs won't play.

When I click on a song it immediately de-select the song and won't play anything.

- Songs stop playing after 10 seconds. 

The first 10 seconds it will play, and then it stops. I can't finish the song. I can start a new song but the same problems keeps appearing.


He also often gives the notification: Something went wrong.


I have tried to solve the issue by trying a lot of thing.

- Reinstalling the app

- Log out every device

- Disconnect all bluetooth devices (the problem keeps appearing without any divice connected).

- Soft-reset the iPhone

- Cleared the Cache


The weird thing is also that I cannot login on the app with username and password. He keeps saying: 'Something went wrong, try again.'

I have changed my password and I'm 100% sure that I type the correct.


I can login by user the option: Login without password.

Update: Now I also can't login with the option: Logion without password.


I have attached 2 screenrecording where you can see some of the issues.


Please let me know if there is any solution for this issue.


Thanks in forward for the reply.



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Hey @Tim100, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

That is strange, well I have the same issue when it comes to selecting a song, it will just do nothing and the 1 playing goes away. Or when I queue some songs it will do the same thing (in queue they appear as empty lines).


As per the songs skipping please try resetting your password.


Since you already tried all that can be done from your side, try to DM SpotifyCares on Twitter to check things backstage for you.


If that also won't work I would suggest doing a full backup of your phone and restoring it from a Mac/PC after resetting the phone.


Let me know how that goes 🙂

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