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Skipping songs doesn't work well in the 'Motivation Mix' playlist


Skipping songs doesn't work well in the 'Motivation Mix' playlist




Today I found an annoying issue in the ‘Motivation Mix’ playlist. When I’m shuffling or skipping songs in this playlist, doesn’t matter if it’s my iPhone, iPad or Mac, the songs won’t play at the time you pushed the next button. For instance, the progress bar shows that you’re in 58 seconds of the next song and the last song hasn’t even stopped playing yet. It only happens with this playlist from Spotify. Everything else works fine. I’ve added a screenrecording of Spotify from my iPad to make it more visual. I had to crop it alot to let it fit in 6 MBs. (Warning: turn volume lower)


What I’ve already done is

  • Music overflow turned off
  • I have already re-installed the applications, however it didn’t fix the problem
  • Turned wifi and BlueTooth off
  • Made sure that Spotify was connected to only the device itself and not to my other devices where I’m logged in


I hope that it'll be fixed soon. 


Some information about my devices:

Plan: Premium

Country: Netherlands

Devices: iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro 10.5, Macbook Pro 15 late 2016

Operating System: iOS 11.1.4, MacOS 10.14.3