Skips and Stops music


Skips and Stops music

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iPhone 8 plus 

Operating System

IOS 11


When using without earphones everything’s normal, but when I listen with earphones on the music keeps randomly pausing and skiping to the next one, also jumping forward and back for no reason. Also happens that (with earphones on) the music stops when i press lock screen, not like pausing but like actually shutting down. Please helpppp

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Re: Skips and Stops music


Hey @AzhayaC,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Would you mind letting us know what earphones (brand, model) you're using when you experience what you reported?


If what you're using is a pair of bluethooth earphones, it'd be great to double-check you haven't the same earphones already paired with a different device (for example, your laptop) while also having Spotify open on that device. To make sure you avoid issues caused by this, it'd also be good to go here and scroll down to click on the SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE button, so that you can then access your Spotify account with one device at the time and separately. 


Let us know how you get on. We're looking forward to your update and we're here to help with anything else too! 

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Re: Skips and Stops music

Casual Listener
Hi Mario,

My headphones are the XB550AP Sony ones, but they’re not wireless...The
problem is that I’ve tried to listen with other earphones too, but they’re
all wired so it’s not a Bluetooth problem

About the Sign Out Everywhere button, I’ve tried it twice and still have
the issue 😞

Looking forward for your reply, thank you!!