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Some songs playing on Desktop but not on iPhone app with Premium

Some songs playing on Desktop but not on iPhone app with Premium

So some of the tracks that play just fine in a playlist on my desktop refuse to play in the mobile app on my iPhone 4S. I have Premium subscription and it all works fine in the main. Just these occasional tracks that don't play, they just sit there with no progress on the timebar and no ability to fast forward or rewind (see attached pic).




Anyone know why this is happening or how to get it sorted?


Please help, it's wrecking me!



5 Replies

I am having a similar problem, but it isn't just random songs it is almost all of them. 


I can use Spotify Premium.  I have no problems using it rom my desk top.  But when I use it on my iPhone 4S, it plays one song and then stops. 



My iPad/iPhone model iPhone 4S, The New iPad, etc.


Device’s Operating System:  6.1.3 (10B329


Is your device jailbroken? No


Approximately how many playlists do you have?:  10.  Two are downloaded.  They play.


My mobile Spotify version:


My provider and country: Verizon, USA


My username: Would ratherill give it to you in a private e-mail.



1. First I did this:  Clicked on the Spotify icon on my iPhone.  It played one complete song and then it would not play another.  I clicked the stop button and then clicked the play button.  Nothing happened.  .

2. Then I did that: 

I started Spotify on my desktop to determine if there was problem there, but it works fine.

Signed out of desktop Spotify and retried Spotify on my iPhone.  Still would not play any songs. 

3.. I also did this  Searched such problems on the internet and saw others with similar problems.  I read someone had deleted the app and reloaded, so I did that.  Did not help.

4. then this:  I then went to settings deleted cookies and history from Safari (read that on trouble shooting page) reloaded Spotify from the apps store.  Signed in and it stopped after 2:14 into the first song.  It would not play another song.   

5. then this:  In response to your question above about the number of play lists and how many downloaded, I checked how this related my problem.  I allows me to download the songs, it plays songs for about 1:25 to 1:33 seconds and then stops.  It will not play that song any more if I click the stop and then play buttons, but it will play the next song of the playlist if I click the fastfard button.  

6. then this: Then I came here to type of out my problem.  Please don't make me move to Apples' new radio when it comes out!  I like Spotify.





Have you all tried a reinstall? Also, does it do the same on WiFi?

Will try a reinstall. Same issue persists on WiFi and 3G.

Ok, so the reinstall has fixed things. All running smooth again. Thanks folks.


As I noted in my message above, I tried reinstalling the Spotify app two times. Once before deleting history and cookies on Safari and once after. (The deletion of the history and cookies was recommended on one of the solution pages.)

I have tried it with WiFi and 3G. I have the same problem with both. My desktop version used the same WiFi with no problem. As I indicated above, the problem is that on my iPhone it will not play Radio stations; with a downloaded song list it will stop a song about 1:30 into it; I cannot restart that song but it will play the next song if I hit the "fast forward" button. The next song stops about 1:30 into it, too.

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