Song Queue Display Issue


Song Queue Display Issue


This issue pertains to Spotify build version for iOS.


When adding songs to the queue and then viewing the queue, the amount of space displayed is for n songs, while the amount of text groups displayed is for n-1 songs. If I had to guess the songs are put into an array and the logic that controls the spacing before the “Next From: ” section of is properly using a zero index (where the integer 0 is the first element in the array), while the actual text display is incorrectly using a one index (where the integer 1 is assumed to be the first element in the array). It should be a simple fix, but it’s an annoying bug that cuts off the actual text of a song, so if you only queue one song you can’t see the text and if you queue more than one song the last one has the text hidden. Hopefully that makes sense.



2F781D1D-D589-4C5C-87AB-26DAC90CA76B.pngThere are 3 songs queued, space for 3, but text for only the first two