Songs In Spotify's Catalog Not Syncing Across Devices


Songs In Spotify's Catalog Not Syncing Across Devices

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Hi everyone--apologies in advance if this question has been answered already. I did a search and couldn't find anything.

The problem I'm having is, I added several songs to an existing playlist I have yesterday through the Spotify desktop app. To be clear--these are not local files. They are songs in Spotify's catalog. These songs show up on my iPhone with no problems. However, on my iPad quite a few of them are greyed out and say "track not synced" when I try to play them.

This IS a playlist that I DO I have marked for offline use but since these tracks aren't local files, shouldn't they be immediately playable across all my devices as soon as I add them to a playlist on any one of my devices?
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Yes they should be, but unfortunately it sounds like you are experiencing a bug which has been outlined here. It would be helpful if you could reply to the bug report with the requested information, so Spotify can diagnose the issue faster.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon!


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