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Songs are keep getting deleted off my IPhone

Songs are keep getting deleted off my IPhone






Iphone 7

Operating System

IOS 11.4


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 Songs are keep getting deleted. Since the last update Spotify deleted 200+ songs that were downloaded. but the worst thing is it keeps deleting them.  A few days ago 195 of my downloaded songs were deleted now it is 290. And also spotify refuses to use my internet speed which can download over 3megabytes a second but spotify downloades at 10-20kilobytes a second. It takes 5 min.+  to download  a single song.  Is it possible for me to use an older version of Spotify on my phone? I don't even know how that would work on IOS but I can't keep using spotify like this. At least give me a solution to make sure Spotify downloads things at the normal speed please.

I have more than enough space on my phone, Nobody else has acces to my account/phone, I have hooked my phone to my PC which is connected to the internet via ethernet. doesn't work. 

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Hey, thanks for reaching out.

I know it sounds simple, but it's often overlooked. Could you try restarting your device? If that doesn't help, try a quick clean reinstallation of the app. Just follow the steps here.

If you're still having trouble, could you let me know the exact version of Spotify and the exact version of the operating system you're running?

I'll see what I can suggest!

Got the same problem, very frustrating!

Operating on an iPhone 7, iOS 11.4, Spotify Version


Spotify, PLEASE look into this! 🙂

Hey @dengoo & @OknKardashian,


Please read this FAQ about help with your downloads.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

My friend is Premium subscriber and his downloaded playlists on his iPod Touch frequently become "undownloaded". When he can connect to wifi he can re-download his playlists. This problem is happening to all of his playlists at the same time, not just one playlist. We thought he might be accidently sliding the "downloaded" radio button off but he is not and certainly would not be accidently doing that to all his playlists.


I have never experienced this problem on my iPad or iPhone. Please help me help my technically challenged friend.   



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