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Songs ending early when cast to TV

Songs ending early when cast to TV


Iphone 13 pro max



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When using the spotify LG TV app accessing our spotify account off a IPhone 13 Promax the last 5-10 seconds of the playing song is cut off and the next song begins. It happens regardless of the playlist or song, and happens for every song. The problem does not persist using the iphone Bluetoothed, cast, or through the phone itself, only in combination with the TV. Using a Samsung S21 linked to the TV there is no problem. We have already tried to remedy the problem by adjusting "gapless" "crossfade" and "automix" audio options.

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Another plus one for this issue, LGTV app cutting off the end of songs 

Exactly same with my LG tv. 

I am also having the same glitch when streaming to my TCL through xFinity flex box. I connect with apple products (iPhone 14 and iPad). It cuts off every song unless i have the same song repeating over and over. Can’t go through any song or playlist or album completely. I’ve had all of these devices for years so this is a recent issue that’s been driving me crazy since I use spotify so often.

Same issue on my LG49SM9000PLA. I think it has something to do with the WebOS version of the app. I have no issues with the spotify app on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook, no issues when casting, no issues with my tv in the bedroom with a Chromecast running Google TV.

This is also happening to me. I'm a premium family plan user. Unistalled and reinstalled the app. Happens when listening through the TV, but OK on my Samsung phone. Only started about 2 weeks ago but its so annoying. Doesn't matter what playlist I play, it still happens. LG version 05.50.15. 

I've changed my autoplay/crossfade settings and it doesn't make a difference. Please sort it out with LG. 

Same issue as others when using the Spotify app on an LG TV it cuts off 5-20 seconds each song, I’ve had the same TV for 2.5yrs and this issue began about 10 days ago.

No issue though if I use Spotify through Roku so it seems that it’s more an issue with Spotifys app on LG. 

Same problem on and Lg tv

Same problem with my LG OLED65CXUA.

Hey folks,


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  • A detailed description of the issue (a short screen recording would help a lot)
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Same here:
Happening on LG webOS TV UM7610PLB - version 05.30.40
Spotify version 2.0.30

(not streaming from iPhone)


Happening on LG  UN73006LA - v 04.41.45

Spotify 2023.09.11_8-335910e H 4.36.1

Same issue here with LG tv app. Super annoying!

  • My TV app recently started reducing the length of songs, which ends up cutting the ending. I've already tried updating the app and the TV, logging out of the account and it didn't work. The cell phone application is normal. How to solve the problem?


Plan: family premium

Country: Brazil

Device: LG webOS TV model 43LM6370PSB

Operating System: webOS version 4.9.7-17 (Linux based)




Eu conecto o spotify na televisão e o final de todas as músicas são cortadas antes de terminar, antes não fazia isso, agora esta fazendo e eu não alterei nada pra começar fazer isso...

Same issue on my LG tv using the Spotify app on the tv. If I cast Spotify from my phone to my Chromecast on that tv, I don't have any issue.

Hi Mihail, 


Same issue with Spotify on my LG Tv since a few days.

All the songs skips 5-10 seconds before the end. 


Spotify version : 2023.09.27_3-6c30fde H 4.36.2

LG Tv model : OLED55BX3LB

OS version : 04.41.45

Hi, same issue, think it started happening couple weeks back? I’ve tried re-installing the app on LG.

“ Same issue with Spotify on my LG Tv since a few days.

All the songs skips 5-10 seconds before the end. “


Spotify version : 2023.09.11_8-335910e H 4.36.1

LG Tv model : OLED55CXPTA

OS version : 5.4.3-36

This has been happening to me the past few weeks, too.
I play a song and the audio is fine, but the lyrics start early or one about 20 seconds into the song the lyrics then skip ahead 10 seconds or so, as does the timer of the song, but the music plays normally - that's the only part not skipping.
Because the timer has skipped ahead though, the songs either end early, or the TV shows the next song starting to play although the last one still hasn't ended.


Hisense TV - use Spotify on Roku, also use on Laptop with up to date Spotify and never had issues before - all up to date, no issues with other Apps.

Internet speed and signal all good, cleared cache of my other devices, updated settings so no crossfade etc. 

I've signed out everywhere and then back in, had to uninstall everywhere and redownload (which is a huge pain as i download a few playlists to listen offline).
No idea what to do but it's becoming a serious hassle to pay for a service that isn't working.

Spotify version: 2023.09.27_3-6c30fde H 4.36.2

Same happening here. All songs rounding down, a 2:36 song will finish at 2:30.

Spotify sort this out please.



Samsung A50 phone

All apps up to date.

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