Songs from PC won't download


Songs from PC won't download





Hong Kong 


iPhone XR, Asus Laptop

Operating System

iOS 12, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

So I've been trying to download some mp3 files onto my Spotify app on my phone. I have been successful, however there are 2 particular songs that won't download. I have them added onto my Local Files on my PC, made a playlist for them, but whenever I tap "download" on my phone, the download symbol will light up green however when I open the Playlist my songs aren't available. Whenever I try to force play them from my laptop there's a pop-up on my phone saying that it isn't downloaded. Yes, I am connected to the same Wi-Fi, right before another playlist I created on my laptop with mp3 files was downloaded but these two songs simply won't. It's odd because I've downloaded these songs before on my old phone (iPhone 6S), using the same laptop. I've disabled my firewall tried using Mobile Hotspot but it just won't work. I'm just confused at this state and I will appreciate any help. Thanks. 



Wei Han 

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Hey there @weihanlow!


There are some bugs in the desktop app, the issues you are facing may be related to this or this.  As there is no particular fi for those yet you can vote for these so they will catch more attention. I hope these will be fixed very soon, please be patient.


I wish you a great day 🙂