Songs not on my playlist playing?


Songs not on my playlist playing?


Recently updated my iOS and noticed this with the updated version of Spotify, which did not happen with the older version (I'm a premium member):

  • When I stop listening to Spotify and go to play later (same device), it does not pick up where it left off. It must always re-shuffle to play. This didn't happen before the update.

Idea (for iPad/iPhone app):

  • Allow deleting from the playlist and not have to EDIT to delete - when the playlists grow, they are not sortable to find the song I want to remove.
  • Allow searching on song titles that are in your playlists so you can find the song to play, move, delete, etc.
  • Allow sorting a playlist

These are available on the desktop, which I'm not always at, obviously.


My problem:

  • Only just noticed this, when I'm connected to a network and playing my playlist, a song NOT in my playlist will start to play, how does this happen? In fact, I thought I had it in my playlist and tried to look for it when a new song came on that I don't know started to play.

How can I stop Spotify from doing this? If I'm listening to the radio options, then fine, but if I'm listening to my playlist, I don't want to hear other music - that's why I'm not listening to the radio!


It's as if it swtiched into radio-mode.Annoying, don't know if there's a solution to prevent it from happening. Does anyone else get this problem?



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Re: Songs not on my playlist playing?

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See this idea I made for deleting a song without having to go to edit/delete:


You can already search for a song in a playlist. Scroll ALL THE WAY to the top of the playlist. A "filter bar" will appear where you can type in it.


Add a kudo to this idea if you want sorting. The filtering (searching) part has already been added: