Songs out of order


Songs out of order

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I already posted about this once and no one helped. Pretty **bleep** bc it’s annoying as **bleep**. I have all my playlists in order by artist and spotify groups all songs in order by artist. The issue is that within every artist the order of the songs is completely wrong. You’ll have one from an album that starts with a T at the beginning and one with an A at the bottom and the songs within the albums are also out of order. It only happens on my phone. Figured spotify would’ve done something by now. Any help is appreciated

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Re: Songs out of order

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Hey man,

Assuming you are talking about your own playlists and not other peoples, if you click the three dots up in the top right corner while in your playlist you will see the edit option in the dropdown. If you click that it will go into edit mode and you can drag songs (by holding on to their right sides where there is three stacked bars) into the order you want for your playlists.

Hope this helps!