Songs playing at high speed when connected to vehicle

Songs playing at high speed when connected to vehicle


Plan: Premium

Country: Canada


Device: iPhone 6 (Rogers)

Operating System: 11.4.1


When connected to 2018 Toyota Tacoma, songs play at triple or higher speed for one second, then drop out for 1 second, then resume playing at triple speed for 1 second.  And so on, forever.


Have tried unpairing/re-pairing phone with Tacoma.  Have tried rebooting phone.  No joy.


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In researching my issue further, it seems that this problem also exists with Apple Music and iPhone X.  So it does not seem to be a Spotify issue.

Hey @Electric,


That sounds odd. Have you tried reinstalling the app? Also, does this happen if you connect and AUX cable? How does the player in the app look when this happens? 


Let us know and we'll help you further. 


Thanks! 🙂


Hi @Jemi ,


This issue is around bluetooth connection between phone and vehicle.  I have not ever tried aux cable nor direct connection, not my use cases.  I found a workaround that seems to work, but it is a pain:


1. start vehicle, wait for bluetooth connection to be established

2. turn off bluetooth on iPhone 6

3. turn bluetooth back on to reestablish bluetooth connection


After that, life is good.


Regarding reinstalling app, I have held down the icon on the iPhone and pressed on the "X" to delete, then reinstalled from app store.  Not sure if that is the same procedure you suggested, did not follow your link.  What I did had no effect.


I was going to replace my iPhone 6 with a newer model in the hope that it would solve the issue, but it is not clear that this will work since people are reporting similar issues with the latest Apple phones, per link I posted above.

Hey @Electric,


It'd be great if you could try with another device in order to determine where the issue lies. 


Also, does something happen with the app itself when the speed changes? Does the issue start at any specific input?


Let us know this and we'll take a closer look.



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