Songs redownloading


Songs redownloading

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Recently when opening Spotify it starts downloading songs. The number of songs vary each time, this morning it was 7 but the other day it was a lot more. However, what I have seen is that it is always to playlists that I have had created for a long time and that haven't been changed. This morning, it was 7 songs to a playlist that the other day had to download 22 songs. I don't understand why Spotify is regularly redownloading songs. I've stopped it from using my data allowance now but it is still frustrating when you go to the playlist when out and about and all the songs are not there. 

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Hi! Sorry to hear that, I've been through that myself before and for me it turned out to be because I was out of storage on my device. You might want to try clearing things up a bit.


If that doesn't sound like what's happening to you, you can try removing all your offline devices here! There can sometimes be a duplicate cache, and by removing all the offline devices this issue can be fixed. After that, reinstall the app and redownload your music! 


Hope this works for you :)


Re: Songs redownloading

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Hey @Claretnbluefonz, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

I'd sugest checking this article for more help.


Thanks :)

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