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Songs repeat when switching to new devices

Songs repeat when switching to new devices



Operating System Version: Yosemite, iOS 9, doesn't matter


Spotify Version: Latest and previous



I use Spoitfy on my iPhone, iPad, Macbook, work windows laptop, and work iPhone. Anytime I migrate to another device to continue listening to that playlist, spotify plays many of the tracks I previously heard earlier in the day, even though shuffle is on. 


To reproduce:

  1. Play music. Listen to half a dozen songs or so and take note of what you heard.
  2. Start playing it on another device
  3. Notice that about half of what you heard on the first device will play on the second device, even with shiffle on and 1,000's of tracks in your playlist.


 Probably works to hit shuffle again, but that completely defeats the purpose of using Spotify Connect!


Additional information:

 This has continued to occur even after updates and re-installations. 

Spotify Connect is a great feature, but this has occured ever since it was implemented. 


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I'd like this to be addressed too and am surprised there's not more complaining about it.  I experience the same issues...I'll be listening to a large playlist on shuffle in my car, via my iPhone, and when I get home I use Spotify Connect for playback on my Onkyo reciever and I almost always hear a sequence of the same songs I just heard in the car.  I wish this bug could be worked out.

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