Songs saved offline stop halfway through?


Songs saved offline stop halfway through?


I've been traveling a lot lately so I saved a good amount of my music offline, however, I've noticed that almost every song stops a little over halfway through. 


Has anyone else run into this issue? Should I try resyncing the songs?



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Re: Songs saved offline stop halfway through?


Hey @Kayln, help's here!


First of all, what iOS device are you using, and what version of Spotify is it running?


If you could also let us know:


1) Does this happen to all songs saved in Offline Mode?

2) Roughly how many playlists / albums do you have saved for offline listening?

3) When it stops, does it automatically begin playing the next song in the Queue?

4) Have you been streaming offline for more than 30 days straight, or do you also stream via WiFi in between?


Any further info on from these four questions would also be good to know.


We'd recommend checking for an iOS update, and we'd also suggest a reinstall at this stage. This will mean resyncing your tracks for offline listening, but it should improve your experience in Offline Mode.


Keep us in the loop!


Re: Songs saved offline stop halfway through?


Recently I’ve started having the same problem and it’s very annoying.

To answer to your questions: 

I’m using an IPhone 5s running the latest update (iOS 11.2.2). And the same with Spotify. Running the latest update (version 8.4.28).

1) It doesn’t happen to all, just a few.

2) About 65? (I know, I know) 

3) Yes, it starts playing the next one

4) I have mostly been streaming via WiFi as well as offline.

PLEASE help, this is really getting on my nerves.

Thank you.