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Songs simply won't play

Songs simply won't play

I've been trying to play a song for a while now and I cannot get it to work. When I click on the song nothing happens.

Other songs in the CD will play, but just this and one other will not. I thought it might be an issue with the downloaded songs (the two in question were downloaded) but other downloaded songs will play. I have notice that it is not just these two songs that refuse to play.

I have tried restarting the app, changing streaming quality, playing offline, and logging out
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To add I am connected to wifi, but have tried playing it just using data as well with no luck. If I hold down the song it will play a preview, but when I click it nothing happens

I downloaded two songs about 3 months ago. Chatterbox by Fox Stevenson and Livin' For the Weekend by Modestep. These two songs do not show an album cover or art when viewing the song. They only play when I'm connected to internet AND INTERNET ONLY! It does not work with data. After the songs play, when the playlist cycles to the song after it. The song will play for 2 seconds excactly and then stop. I then have to restart the whole playlist to get it to work again. I've tried removing the songs from playlist and local files but with no success in fixing the problem. I dont know if that is the problem everyone else is experiencing but i'ts probably just me.

Pls help...

I have about 50 tracks in my favourites playlist, and they all play fine except one. It seems to be running but with no sound, and when I click further into the track, it snaps back to the start. Why is this? It's the only track I've listened to on YouTube and recommended.(Ride this Train  -(Icarus/EDM).  Is there some spooky surveillance thing going on?

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