Songs won't sync - Offline playlist

Songs won't sync - Offline playlist

I have been looking for hours on how to sync the songs that haven't been synced. Please help! Most of these songs that won't sync have been purchased from iTunes. Whenever I check my playlists on my iPhone it will say for example 378 out of 672 tracks synced. Whenever i try to click on the grey shaded songs an icon pops up that says "If you own the track, you can sync it from the compiter" Well I can't sync it from the computer because it won't work and I felt like I have tried everything. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Are you following the steps outlined here?

If its still not working:

Have you tried running Spotify PC as an adminstrator?

Make sure your iDevice Spotify is not in offline mode and in the foreground.

Also, sometimes disabling your AV firewall will let them connect, as sometimes AV softwares don't let the 2 connect. Alternatively, you can create a TCP exception for spotify.exe.


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Yeah I have done all of that and my phone still remains to have many songs unsynced. I have a mac

Same issue, tried the same resolutions. No success

Even deleted the app, reinstalled it, set all my playlists to offline and DIFFERENT playlists didnt completely sync. I have plenty of space on my iPhone. Very frustrating

Edit: and all my music is ONLY from Spotify

All the songs that have a music symbol with a square around it aren't syncing. From what I have looked at that stands for local files.

Is your device showing up under "Devices" in the Spotify client? 



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Do you think it would have anything to do with capacity? I have a 16 gb iphone with about 1900 songs on itunes. Would the additional spotify music double it making there not enough room?

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