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Sonos Speakers Not Appearing in Spotify App

Sonos Speakers Not Appearing in Spotify App






iPhone Xs and Windows10

Operating System

iOS 15.6 and Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Yesterday, when I logged into Spotify to play music through my Sonos, my Sonos speakers were not visible in the Spotify application. The speakers are still available and visible in the Sonos app.


I have had some form of my Sonos system up and running for around 2 years now. Nothing has changed since the last time I used the system. Power did go out since the last time it was working (I think), but I’ve lost power in the past without issue.


I’ve tried everything from unplugging the speakers, updating my phone and applications, restarting my router -- I even fully uninstalled and factory reset all of my speakers and re-connected them. They are still not visible in the Spotify app. When I uplugged my Five and my Sonos Move, they were temporarily available, but disappeared again after a few hours. I’ve had no such luck with my Beam or Arc.


This is true for both my iPhone mobile Spotify app as well as my Windows10 desktop app.


The Move and Five are connected to my 5G network. The Beam and Arc are connected to my 2.4G network.


I was able to find some threads with similar problems, but none of the resolutions to those threads has helped me. I've also posted a similar topic to the Sonos community help. They said it sounds like a SpotifyConnect issue since the Sonos app itself is working fine.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! After a recent update I'm having the same problem with my Samsung MS650 soundbar. Android app (on multiple android devices) and Windows store app (1.190.859.0) show no devices (apart from my PS5) in Connect options. A week ago everything worked normally.

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