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Sonos often says "Connection to Spotify was lost"

Sonos often says "Connection to Spotify was lost"

I use Sonos to access my premium Spoitify account.  I have an ATT DSL connection that normaly works at about 2.4 Mb. I have been getting frequent connection to Spotify lost messages with  multiple track jumps on restart.  I check the bandwidth and while occassionally it is ISP network problem, generally that is ok and other Sonos-managed services are working just fine (eg., Pandora, My Library on Readynas).  Is there just too much Spotify traffic to handle user needs ? Ay advice would be highly welcome.  I love my Spotify and cannot stand the frustration.

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Your best bet is to get in touch with Sonos support as they have pretty awesome diagnostic tools that allow them to point to where the issue really lies.

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