Space occupancy of deleted offline playlist

Space occupancy of deleted offline playlist


Hi, i'm using Spotify with my iPhone 4 with iOs 6.1.3 and I just figured out that when you don't need anymore some music to be played offline and you remove the tick of the offline playing, the space occupancy of the app doesn't decrease. Does it mean that the files are already in the phone even if I don't need them any more? If true, this could become very annoying. Is there a solution to my problem? Thanks!

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According to the help pages this is normal but the application should release space if needed by another application, however discussions on the community have pointed to this not always being the case. 


Unfortunately, the only way to force clean the cache and empty that space is to perform a clean reinstallation of the app. 



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Thanks! 😄 it should be pointed out in some way to the developers

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