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Spotify AirPlay 2 streaming issue (Libratone Speaker)

Spotify AirPlay 2 streaming issue (Libratone Speaker)

I have severe issues to stream Spotify contend to my Libratone ZippMini speaker via AirPlay 2. No issues to use AirPlay 2 to reach my BOSE 700 sound bar. The connection between ZippMini speaker to router must be solid as well because Spotify connect works well with that same speaker. Here comes the crazy part: When I use apples native MUSIC app I can properly stream music via AirPlay2 to both devices!! Toggeling independently both devices ON/OFF without any issues at all. The problem only occurres trying to stream from SPOTIFY. Any clues? Or ideas for further trouble shooting? Same issue happens on my girlfriends iPhone XR. Quite odd - must be an app related issue!?


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(iPhone XS, Macbook Pro)


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Hello, same thing, just Ikea|Sonos speakers.

When I stream to first airplay version, there are no issues.

I just solved it, but connecting speakers by cable and disabling wifi

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