Spotify App disappearing BMW

Spotify App disappearing BMW








(iPhone XS Mac)

Operating System

(iOS 12.3.1)


My Question or Issue

I’ve been using Spotify through Bluetooth and the app was showing in the Multimedia menu, now it’s disappeared completely and I’ve got no idea how to bring it back. 


I’ve reinstalled Spotify but that seems to make no difference, and deleting the device and re adding the Bluetooth, hadn’t worked either.


Is there a way to bring the Spotify app back on to the Multimedia menu? 





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Same here - and what makes it worse now is that when I play Spotify through my phone via Bluetooth instead of the app, it plays for a minute or so and then stops - I have to re-click Bluetooth connection for it to work again and it only works for a minute or so. I’ve tried reconnecting the phone, reinstalling Spotify and neither work. A solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated 


I forgot to mention that - but I’m having that issue as well. I’ve tried many different things but it seems like it’s an issue with the Spotify App as Apple Music and Amazon Music seem to be working fine over the Bluetooth. 


I have the same issue since I bought my BMW on march this year. Today I visited the BMW service again (3rd time) and this time they told me that iLevel software may be not up to date but 5 mins later they discovered it is and informed me that I need to wait month maybe two for new version of iLevel but they are not sure how long. I am really disappointed because music is a key feature for me and now feeling like driving 5000$ old skoda with FM radio only. I will do my best to cancel my contract and buy another car. Moreover, this issue is well known and they even did not inform me that such problem exists before I had bough the car.


Hi this has also happened to me since I updated the app. I can’t get it to come back in my car. Spotify please fix this. I can’t be without my music in my car!! I don’t think it’s a car issue as I had no problems before this and also my Bluetooth for calls etc works fine. When I plug my phone is via usb the Spotify app comes up. It just does not like it through Bluetooth. So annoying!! 


I think Apple have solved this issue.. latest iOS update 13.1.3 shows a potential fix. "Fixes an issue where Bluetooth may disconnect on certain vehicles".


I've also witnessed it's working and not having any issues with this.

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