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Spotify Connect causes music to play at max volume

Spotify Connect causes music to play at max volume

  1. Music is being played on iPhone
  2. Mac picks up the session with Spotify Connect
  3. Spotify Mac App volume (not Mac system volume) is set to the level the iPhone was playing, and is thus comparitively quiet
  4. Spotify Mac App volume is set back to max
  5. iPhone picks the session back up with Spotify Connect
  6. Max volume is transferred with the session, so the iPhone volume is now max
  7. My ears bleed profusely

Generally I set my Spotify Mac App volume to max and forget about it, letting the overall system volume dictate how loud my music plays. It seems odd to change my iPhone volume based off the arbitrary Spotify volume level—the two serve different functions and are not analogous. Maybe a fix could be removing the volume matching function.

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Hey @jamesjappleby,


I believe when you use Spotify connect between a mobile device and another device, the device volume and Spotify connect volume match so you can use the hardware buttons to adjust the volume of the other device so that it is easier!


If you would like to put the idea out though, you can start a new idea over in the Ideas area and have people vote for it!


If you need anything else, please let me know!




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