Spotify Connect faulty song display on iPhone


Spotify Connect faulty song display on iPhone

Casual Listener






(iPhone 8 and

Macbook Pro late 2012)

Operating System

(latest iOS on both devices.)


When I play songs from my library on my iPhone they do play correctly on my laptop, but the songs displayed on my iphone don’t show the correct progress/timeline and don’t match the song that’s currently playing. Instead the display shows a random or previously played song, that stays on forever.

Also quiet often the play button is greyed out and doesn’t allow for stopping/starting, only for skipping forward (again this too won’t match what’s displayed), and the latter for only about 3 songs, it then stops. 


I re-installed Spotify on both divides, and I logged in/out on both. I re-started and updated the system on both devices, and also re-started my WiFi router/modem (WiFi works fine). 


This is happening for weeks now! No solution. It’s pretty frustrating. I pay a hefty premium in order to have the ability to sync/connect/play...


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Re: Spotify Connect faulty song display on iPhone


Hey @Graphaz.


Could you send us the exact OS and Spotify version numbers you're using?


Also, is this happening when you use Spotify via Connect or Bluetooth?


In the meantime, try using a different Spotify account (Premium or Free), to see if it behaves the same on both devices.


All the best.

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