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Spotify Gives False Battery Meter Reading

Spotify Gives False Battery Meter Reading

I have an Iphone 6, which I've had for 2 years now, but this isn't a new problem.  Also worth pointing out is, I used Spotify every single day. 


About a year ago I noticed my battery was running low really quickly, and just thought my phone must have been damaged somehow.  Anyway I persevered with it until a month ago I decided to get a new battery put in.  Unfortunately, same problem, battery running low, but then I also noticed that when it got to 1%, I'd still get hours and hours of battery time from it, so it wasn't a low battery, just an incorrect battery meter.  So the new battery was probably completely unnecassary.  Then just as a test, I decided to stop using spotify for a few days, and tried another music streaming app.  Lo and behold, no battery meter problems.  Tried Spotify again, and guess what?  Battery meter shoots downwards again.


I've tried factory resets, uninstalling Spotify and re-installing it.  I only download music to listen to offline so it's not a too much streaming issue.


Any suggestions please as I love Spotify so much, but never knowing how much battery you have left when I'm out all day is a constant annoyance and I would have to get rid if this persists.  But Spotify is the best and I really would love this to be solved for me please.

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I experience exactly the same issue on my 2 years old iPhone 6.

hovewer I didn't tought Spotify could be the cause.

I use spotify everyday and listen 90% previously downloaded songs 10% streaming.

sorry, I cant help you but I will follow this thread

Try a different service (you can get free trials with most of them) like Tidal for instance, and see the difference.


One thing I'm trying today is to make sure i completely get rid of spotify (double click home button then swipe it up) after i've used it and turning off background app refresh in my settings to see if that makes a difference.  It's used 13% of battery for an hour's usage of spotify and no other apps have been used during that time (not sure if 13% for an hour is big or not for listening to downloaded music, perhaps someone can advise who has a "normal" battery life) so I'll see how it goes today.

Unfortunately, have gone to use my phone at lunchtime, and the battery has dropped from 87 to 49% with absolutely no usage, purely just from using spotify for an hour this morning.  Mental.  I think it's gonna have to go.

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