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Spotify IOS App forgets my Log On??

Spotify IOS App forgets my Log On??

Hi there,


I am having an annoying issue with my spotify App on IOS. I am using Spotify Premium on my IPhone 5s (Version 7.0.6).


When logging on to my premium account, Spotify signs me on, no problem so far. After a while (usually 3-7 days of usage) when I start the app, it has simply forgotten my log on - I am not led to my personal "homescreen", but to the sign-on-window. So I have to sign on again, which wouldn't be too bad - the really annoying thing is that EVERYTIME I am being signed out, the app deletes all the music I've been saving for offline playing.


That really pisses me off because I have to download it all again as soon as I get into my WLAN. Just to be kicked out a few days later again.


I already tried to delete the app an install it again. I am definitely using the newest version. Doesn't matter as well if I am using facebook for logging on or enter the credentials manually - tried both of it.


Any idea what is happening there and what I might do to solve the issue???


Thanks a lot!

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Are you using any sort of cache cleaner?

No, not knowingly at least. But I turn off the IPhone at Night and turn it on again in the morning. Might that be a problem?

@cheeky261 That shouldn't be causing offline music to disappear. I've moved this into the iOS section where you're more likely to get help.

I've also seen this reported before if your iPhone runs out of battery.

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