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Spotify Keeps Crashing/Draining Battery/Heating Phone Up

Spotify Keeps Crashing/Draining Battery/Heating Phone Up






iPhone 6S

Operating System 

iOS 14.0


My Issue 

Spotify app keeps crashing and I can’t even listen to 1 whole song. I run Spotify, start and listen to a song, close my screen and I don’t know exactly how long it takes but the music just stops. Spotify controls disappear from Lock Screen, Spotify stays on the “my last apps” screen but when I go back it clearly restarts as the Spotify logo comes on (this one time it just logged me off so I had to sign in again) and when I go back I can “start” the songs but they have no sound so I have to restart the app manually. 

The problem started 2 days ago when I was listening to music during a road trip. It started mildly with the app slowing down, then it started to crash every few songs, and a day later it started to crash in the midst of every song. I’ve also realized that my battery ran out quicker and my phone was weirdly hot. Today I went out with 100% battery and did nothing but listen to music on Spotify with my phone and my battery went from 100% to 20% in about half an hour. My battery health is 76%.

At first I obviously tried restarting Spotify, no luck.

Tried restarting my phone instead, still no.

Today when I came home I first tried deleting the 2GB of cache that I had, Nope.


I also tried signing out and signing in again after closing Spotify down, no again. 

I tried to not close my screen when listening to songs, this one was interesting because when Spotify wasn’t on screen it still crashed. However, when the screen was on and Spotify was on the screen; it would stay on but it would also heat my phone up really fast. I watch YouTube for hours (not really proud of that) and my phone doesn’t heat up at all. But with about 5 minutes of music from Spotify, my phone was ready for some cooking action. I don’t know how the situation was before this so I can’t compare it to when I wasn’t living problems with the app. 

So I’ve tried everything I can from Spotify and other places suggest, I’ve also performed very scientific experiments myself too, yet it was of no help. 


People, and weirdly Spotify themselves also seem to suggest doing a re-install but I just can’t. It’s terrible that Spotify let me down like this because I don’t have access to WiFi as I’m not home and I only have access to limited data so I can’t just re-install Spotify and re-download my 4,38GB of music.


I wish this problem had occurred before I left home so I could just re-install and hopefully fix all this. But now I’m here with no music and I’m thinking of cancelling my subscription because of how bad of a screw-up this is on Spotify’s side. Shouldn’t the whole deal of a music app be that you can listen to music with no pressure on the phone? Why would it crash this much and heat the phone up and generate this much cache? 

Spotify app also flipped me off by telling me that all my music was downloaded and I was good to go before I left home and I found out not all of them were downloaded during the road trip so I had to spend a bit of data to re-download some stuff. 

Honestly I’m so disappointed in Spotify but I hope these problems will be fixed so maybe we could be on good terms again because from all the music apps Spotify just seemed to be the better one. Thanks in advance and stay safe. 

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Hey there @therealAes


Thanks for posting on the Community about this.


We're aware of the issue you've experienced and the relevant team is currently working on fixing it. We're collecting info from our users in search for a solution so we recommend checking out this Ongoing Issue thread and adding your vote by clicking on the +VOTE button. Make sure you follow the steps under Status Update as well. 


It'll also be useful to Subscribe via the three-dots menu in the top right corner next to the title. That'll make sure you stay up to date with any relevant updates about this.


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